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‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’

If you’ve ever thrown a large rock into still or gently ebbing water, watched it make a big splash, cause major disruption to everything else happening in the pond and then see the impact of the rock on the water quickly fade out you’ll understand the disturbance, associated problems and ineffectiveness of delivery & outcomes that result when businesses decide to bulldoze in changes, a new project or new ways of working.

Those that have tried a different, more subtle approach by purposely directing smaller pebbles into different areas of the pond would have seen ripples spreading from the centre outwards across the pond from where each pebble broke the surface of the water. The effect of the initial impact of the pebbles on everything in the pond was controlled and minimal and the ripples lasted for a long time. Relating this to a business scenario the desired successful longer lasting outcomes and minimal disruption to ‘business as usual’ is achieved from this more controlled & empathic approach and delivery.

Our philosophy together with our friendly collaborative approach is based on harnessing the energy, force and proven success of the ripple effect. Subtle yet direct and effective in making things happen we successfully bring people together to achieve great things; introducing, subtly spreading & sustaining change.

‘The best way to predict the future - create it’
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